Financial Aid

Best Practices

  1. Begin planning early. Early applications are eligible to receive extended payment plans.
  2. A semester with NTI can be treated as: study abroad, off-campus study, an internship, or a leave of absence. Check with your school to see which option is best for you.
  3. Work with your financial aid officer to determine what aid will travel from your home institution.
  4. Consider asking family and friends to donate with a crowd-sourcing campaign with GoFundMe.
  5. If you are taking a personal loan, educational loans from local banks and credit unions are usually the best option as NTI is not considered a "degree-granting institution" by national lenders.
  6. View the sample NTI Scholarship Application to get an idea of the questions you'll be asked when you apply.


We endeavor to ensure access & opportunity for those seeking the intensive, transformative experience of the National Theater Institute, regardless of race, gender, or economic circumstance.

Varying levels of tuition assistance are awarded each semester. Explore current scholarship opportunities below, discover everything our comprehensive fees include, or learn how to support young artists of the National Theater Institute. 

O'Neill Center General Scholarship

For over 50 years, thousands of new artists have been nurtured, discovered, and developed at the O’Neill. This scholarship helps to provide students with the opportunity for a semester of study where the careers are launched every year. O'Neill Center General Scholarship directly supports students to ensure that critical aid is received by those who need it most.

The Miranda Family Fund

The Miranda Family Fund is supporting scholarships to further the inclusion of artists of color across all disciplines of theater. Multi-discipline creative artist Lin-Manuel Miranda's first professional production was with the O'Neill's National Music Theater Conference in 2005, with In The Heights. This scholarship is awarded to students with demonstrated financial need.

Hearst Foundations Fellows

The Hearst Foundations support organizations nationally through cultural funding initatives that enable engagement by young people, and nurture and develop artistic talent. The Foundations offers fellowships and tuition assistance to select students each semester applying to any program of NTI, and who demonstrate substantial financial need.

Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman Scholarship

Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman, writers of iconic television shows Queer as Folk and Sisters, were playwrights in the formative years of the National Playwrights Conference. This scholarship is awarded to students with varying levels of financial need, with preference to those demonstrating heightened interest and/or talent as playwrights, librettists, and/or lyricists.

NTI Alumni Scholarship

"Risk. Fail. Risk Again." It is an ethos that serves as a powerful foundation for the lives and careers of thousands who have trained at the National Theater Institute. Every year, alumni give back to ensure opportunity and access to the transformational, intensive experience of NTI for those who follow in their footsteps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I currently receive financial aid from my school?

If you are currently enrolled (including being on a summer break) at another college while attending NTI, you should contact your school's financial aid office to inquire about the policies for financial aid consortium agreements. A consortium agreement may allow you to use the financial aid that at your home college to attend NTI. After speaking with your school, please contact Program Administrator Amanda Ritchie at or 860-443-5478 x 224 with questions.

Q:What are the dates and fees?

Program dates and comprehensive fees can be found here

Q: I am completing the FAFSA. What is NTI’s school code?

As a semester-long program, NTI is not a Title IV school, and does not have a school code to include on the FAFSA. Students are encouraged to use thier existing school code and work with their financial aid, off-campus studies, or study abroad office. Connecticut College’s code should not be used.

Q: Are scholarships available?

NTI offers modest need-based scholarships to qualified students. We are unable to support a full tuition request at this time. Details about the available scholarships are listed above. To be considered for scholarship, students must complete an NTI Scholarship Application. Students must provide all necessary documentation to qualify. Scholarships may not be applied to the program deposit.  

Looking to support a student scholarship? Donate here or contact contact the Development Office.

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