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At $25,500 per term, the comprehensive student fee at NTI includes 14 weeks of room & board, tuition, travel, and transferable credits. Comparable in cost to a semester at many private colleges, it provides the tools and intensive training young artists need to learn, to practice, to reach, to build, to question, to act. To "Risk. Fail. Risk Again."

As the cost of education increases, financial barriers prevent a rising class of theater artists from sharing in the transformative, singular experience of NTI. More and more, students withdraw applications for lack of resources. Untold others never apply. Aid available through the O'Neill General Scholarship Fund simply cannot support the growing need.

Access and opportunity for those seeking to train at the National Theater Institute is paramount to the future of American theater. Private investment in scholarships is critical, ensuring NTI's role as a national leader in nurturing and developing artistic talent as well as training an emerging and more diverse generation of theater artists to ensure a flourishing future for the American theater.


Scholarship Funds


O'Neill Center General Scholarship Fund

General support for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, through the Annual Fund and other means of unrestricted gifts, are re-invested in NTI to fortify its mission of nurturing, discovering, and developing new work and new artists for the American Theater.  Your direct, private support for the O'Neill Center General Scholarship Fund goes directly to students of NTI, and ensures that critical aid is directed where it is needed most.

NTI Alumni Scholarship Fund

"Risk. Fail. Risk Again." It is an ethos that serves as a powerful foundation for the lives and careers of thousands who have trained at the National Theater Institute. Every year, alumni give back to ensure opportunity and access to the transformational, intensive experience of NTI for those who follow in their footsteps.


Annual & Named Scholarships

Those who know from personal experience, understand the transformative power of scholarships and the role that financial assistance plays in creating a vibrant, diverse generation of artists. Named Scholarships are multi-year commitments with deep and meaningful impact on individual students. Contact the Development Office to discuss ways to tailor your investment in young artists of the National Theater Institute.


"NTI Changed My Life"

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