With a singular schedule and an unmatched breadth of training, the National Theater Institute’s semester-long programs offer students a springboard to the professional world at the two-time Tony Award-winning Eugene O’Neill Theater Center


Founded in 1970, NTI’s credit-earning theater intensives—taught by industry professionals and master teachers—train actors, singers, directors, dancers, designers, playwrights and composers.

Artistic Director


     NTI is a practicum. It is your laboratory. We hope to test your limits. We hope that you exceed your own expectations and perceptions of what those limits may be. We hope to redefine what you believe is possible, the possibilities of what can happen in a day, and the possibilities of what can happen on the stage. The people you work with here join you on your professional and personal journey sharing a common experience, language, and work ethic in a craft that we believe is vitally important, essential to our lives and our society.

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The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and National Theater Institute is committed to diversifying the future of the American theater through the stories we tell, the artists telling those stories, the staff supporting our work, and the audiences in our theaters. The O’Neill strives to cultivate a healthy and diverse community that recognizes the value of each individual and helps foster safety, civility, and respect for all people. All participants and employees in any O’Neill program, including students, staff, faculty, guests, and visitors, have the right to be free from sexual and gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence and all other forms of prohibited conduct.



"The training I got from NTI was world-class, anyone who is serious and driven about creating theater should do this program." 

"This program absolutely changed my life, it was such a vital experience for me and I feel that it turned me from a theater fan into someone ready to work in the theater professionally." 


“I absolutely loved my time at NTI. I loved the intensity of the program and what it asked of me on a daily basis. It taught me to not just trust my instincts, but to love my instincts. I left NTI extremely motivated and energized by the rigor, love, and dedication that was installed in me there.”

"At the beginning of the semester, I was asked what I felt was lacking from my program back home. I said rigor, respect, and community...I definitely found all three at NTI."


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