Four Week






New Work




Comes to life each week written, directed, and performed by the Theatermakers ensemble. Your work is given public presentations to the campus community of artists, arts administrators, and faculty. Theatermakers enables you to perform in at least four new shows throughout the summer. Conferring 8 credit hours, the Theatermakers Summer Intensive is offered over four weeks June-July.


Provided through daily master classes and workshops. Train with award-winning professionals and emerging artists who help guide you through the rigorous practice of producing your own work each week. 


Through assistantships and observerships while creating new work with the National Playwrights Conference and the National Music Theater Conference. Additionally, you also gain exposure to the latest developments in the arts of Puppetry, Criticism, and Cabaret. 


Master Teachers &

Industry Professionals


Living at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center


You asked. 

We answered.



Immerse yourself in total creativity at one of the nation's most famed artistic retreats. Memorize your lines while sitting on your front porch. Find inspiration about how to end your first act on a walk to the beach. Get advice about moving to the city, while sitting in an Adirondack chair. Celebrate the debut of a writer's show with a toast in the pub. Make lifelong friends at a picnic table. Learn from all the artists brought together by a shared passion of creating new work for the stage. 

The National Puppetry Conference provides a meeting and creating ground for master artisans to pass their craft and ingenuity to new artists in the field of puppetry. Each June, participants gather from across the globe to create works that defy the bounds of contemporary theater and the imagination.

The National Music Theater Conference supports the development of all styles and genres of music theater, including operas and hybrid works. NMTC aims to provide a supportive and challenging environment in which emerging and established creative artists can take risks in order to refine and illuminate their work’s vision during its formative stages.

The National Playwrights Conference's process of public, script-in-hand staged readings pioneered the model for new play development, establishing an industry standard now seen in theaters around the world and continues innovating today.



Connecticut College is the school of record for the National Theater Institute. 8 credit hours or 2 course credits are awarded to undergraduates who successfully complete the Theatermakers Summer Intensive. Final grades are reported to Connecticut College where they are recorded by official transcript and forwarded to the student’s college or university registrar upon request. Connecticut College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. All students are enrolled in: THE COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCE (NTI-470) This core course focuses on ensemble building, new play development, and the collaborative process. Each week a new one-act play is created by the group and performed for the community in residence at the O'Neill. Students elect a concentration in Directing, Playwriting, or Acting and are enrolled in one of the following courses: DIRECTING INTENSIVE (NTI-471) The course is designed to expand and clarify the student’s approach to movement, imagery, the text, theatrical use of space, and work with the actor. Students also observe and assist a director from the O’Neill’s National Playwright’s Conference (NPC) or National Musical Theater Conference (NMTC).
PLAYWRITING INTENSIVE (NTI-472) Builds on established playwriting techniques through in-class exercises and the creation of a weekly one-act play. Classes strengthen the student’s voice and explore new styles and dramatic structures. Students also observe and assist a NPC or NMTC writer.
ACTING INTENSIVE (NTI-473) Sharpen acting skills and heighten performance-readiness through intensive classes in contemporary scenestudy; as well as workshops in movement, improvisation, and auditioning. Students serve as the acting company for Theatermakers projects and observe and assist on one of the NPC or NMTC projects.


"Highlights of my summer included: One on one time with established artists in the theater, who could provide honest and frank advice about excelling in the field; being in an environment composed of people who wanted to help me succeed; and opportunities to work in diverse and exciting fields within the theater spectrum (e.g. classes in Butoh as well as Mime) which granted me vocabulary and liberty to try more risky things in my performance methodology."

"I wanted to become a stronger artist this summer. I felt that to do this, I needed to be in an environment that was not only rigorous and demanding for the sake of the craft, but also allowed me to study around artists who are as committed to their art as I am. My experience at NTI met, and far exceeded my expectations! But very early on I made a decision to give all of myself in every class and every rehearsal. Looking back, my first instinct was to keep parts of me closed off, avoid any risk. This is how I had been living as an artist. And not only was it detrimental to me, but it was also inhibiting my work. I very honestly decided that I had to begin to let go of striving for perfection, I had to be okay with failure. And I am still so blown away at how the decision to allow failure provided me with more success than I thought myself capable of. The art that we created, the things we brought to life every Monday night were so incredibly rewarding!"

"From Rachel Jett and all of our teachers, I received the most amazing care and instruction. I connected with some more than others of course, but could consistently sense their commitment to their work regardless of how much I enjoyed their methods personally. And they are all artists as well, in the middle of their careers, and in every class I took I could feel them lifting me up to be the best that I can be. There were so many artists creating and working on campus; it was so inspiring! Having the opportunity to sit in on rehearsals allowed me to learn so much more than I ever could have merely in a classroom. And it also allowed me the opportunity to network with numerous industry professionals, some of which I now have the opportunity to work with in the future!”

"And as for my ensemble: It was so very inspiring to learn alongside artists who truly loved what they were doing as much as I did! The work we did during Theatermakers, the magic that happened, was insane. And so worth it. I got to make new works every week, creating something out of nothing with colleagues that so very quickly became lifelong friends and collaborators. I got to do the work I love with a brand new family."

"The environment at the O'Neill is like nowhere else in the world. For artists, it feels like the promise-land. I almost can't explain it, but the energy there is so buzzing with creativity. I've never been so inspired than when I stepped foot on the O'Neill campus. I truly feel that I became a stronger and more confident artist this summer thanks to NTI. The O'Neill is a home to me now, I've gained a new family, and I already can't wait to go back!"


Summer 2022, On-Campus - Friday, June 10, 2022- Saturday, July 23, 2021 The 2022 comprehensive fee of $11,750 includes:

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Three Meals Daily
  • Two Official Transcripts
The numbers below are a quick look at additional expenses for the average student attending a semester with NTI. In cases of financial hardship, NTI is able to help defray the cost of books and supplies. Please contact with questions.
  • Travel to/from CT ~TBD by student
  • Books & Supplies ~$300
  • Personal Expenses ~$400 (approximate for laundry, sundries, & souvenirs).
  • Refundable Room & Key Deposit ~$125


NTI endeavors to ensure access & opportunity to all students seeking a semester with us, regardless of economic circumstance. For that reason, NTI offers need-based scholarships through a need-blind admission policy. > Learn more about Scholarships & Financial Aid.


> View the Theatermakers Summer Intensive sample schedule. A Day in the Life of Theatermakers Summer Intensive 8:00am – Wake up! Quick shower, double-check I have my sides and notebook in my backpack, and I’m ready for the day. 8:20am – I eat breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns – yum) while running lines with my scene partner, and saying good morning to all the conference actors – I can’t wait to see their reading tonight. 8:50am – I get to the Miranda Studio early for the actor’s Biomechanics class with Elena Kuzina. The directors head to A Director Prepares with Jody McAuliffe, while playwrights spend the morning writing the one acts we’ll all produce later this week. Last week we did radio plays, but this week is kitchen sink dramas! 10:30am – Actors head to voice with Craig Dolezal, and I feel really warmed up after our physical start to the day. Playwrights meet with a guest playwright, Ren Santiago, to hear about her journey to being a professional playwright. The directors continue with rehearsal prep, switching gears to how they set up their scripts in Director’s Notebook. 12:05pm – Lunch! I eat my Mongolian Beef bowl quickly so I can run back to my room and change clothes. 1:00pm – Directors head to their afternoon session with Oliver Butler focused on new works and get to hear about his process, like working with the Debate Society or Heidi Schreck. Actors dive into our contemporary acting class – we all go up every week, and everyone makes big strides each week. Playwrights meet with Jake Jeppson, reading each other’s work aloud, giving notes, and sharing ideas for their plays for this week. 6:15pm – A few of us grab our dinner to go and walk down to the beach. It’s only a 5 minute walk from campus and usually pretty quiet by the end of the day. We swap stories from our afternoon sessions and talk about what our plans are for the fall. I’m so glad I’ll always have great collaborators and friends like this on my team. 7:00pm – Tonight we get to sit in on one of the NMTC readings for a brand new musical. Seeing how these professionals work guides our rehearsal processes every week, and I’m so inspired seeing these other young creators. I read the script from an earlier version of the show tonight, and I love seeing the changes as it keeps developing while at the O’Neill. Maybe I just saw the next In the Heights or [title of show]! 10:00pm – Homework time! My scene partner and I meet for a half hour to review notes from class today, and then I set to work memorizing my sides for our ‘on camera’ class tomorrow. I’ve never read for TV, and I can’t wait to try something totally new. 12:00am – Bedtime! Days at NTI are long, but packed full of incredible opportunities and experiences. I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and do it all over again.